Intruder Alarms in Essex

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Intruder Alarms in Essex

An alarm system comprises of three main parts: one or more sensors to detect the presence or actions of an intruder, a control unit that constantly monitors the sensors and transmits an alarm signal when a sensor detects an intruder, and the alarm annunciator (bell).The ideal intruder alarm system will give the earliest possible warning of an intruder entering the premises. Intruder Alarm installations in Essex

The system will otherwise give no
false alarms, be easy to use, discrete in appearance and provide the user with peace of mind. To achieve this,
Visonic Intruder Alarm installation Essex EJ Vision provides a comprehensive range of detection devices which offer the best form of detection, yet are discrete in appearance. EJ Vision are experienced in designing intruder alarms which will give the right balance between early detection, adequate coverage and realistic cost. Utilising a combination of proven techniques with state-of-the-art technology, we will tailor a solution to meet your individual requirements.

Alarm systems can be designed so that various parts of a building have separate sensor circuits, or zones. Duress or panic alarm circuits enable employees to alert other staff. Once installed, EJ Vision will provide a Certificate of Compliance for your alarm to confirm that it meets the relevant British and European Standards with National Security Inspectorate (NSI) certification.

We work with the two largest security product companies in the world, namely Visonic and Honeywell.